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Wärtsilä launch world’s largest gas engine

17 June 2002 – Wärtsilä Corporation, last week launched a new four-stroke dual-fuel engine, the 50DF, that can be run on either natural gas or light fuel oil (LFO) – claimed to be the world’s largest gas engine. The Helsinki-based company see application in the cogeneration market and have models with output ranging from 5.7 MW to 17.1 MW.

The 50DF can be modified to run on heavy fuel oil also. Wärtsilä claims the engine can switch over from gas to LFO and vice versa smoothly during engine operation. The design has minimal piping and external connections with ample safely margins using a built-in electronic safety protection system and can be easily maintained.

The new engine is designed to provide high output with fuel flexibility, low emission rates, high efficiency and reliability. The engine functions are controlled by an advanced automation system that allows optimum running conditions to be set independent of the ambient conditions or fuel.

The Wärtsilä 50DF is manufactured in configurations from 6L up to 18V and will give the same output regardless of fuel used. When using gas, emissions of NOx and COà‚² are substantially lower than for a HFO engine. The engine fulfils the German TA-luft standard for operation on natural gas.

The new engine is based on Wärtsilä’s 46 model with the same stroke and speed. It has a cylinder bore size of 500mm and engine speed 500/514 rpm.

The first six-cylinder model of the production line has been sold to Gaz de France.

Wärtsilä has developed this flexible dual-fuel engine to meet demand for power and heat generation with lower environmental impact.