German heating appliances maker OEM Viessmann Group has increased its shares in Microgen Engine Corporation (MEC), a manufacturer of gas-fired Stirling engines for micro-CHP systems.

Viessmann now owns 42.2% of MEC, with heating appliance maker BDR Thermea Group holding an equal share in MEC.

MEC will sell its Stirling engines to Viessmann and BDR Thermea, as well as to other heating industry OEMs.

In CHP systems the waste heat that comes from electricity generation is used for water and environmental heating. Viessmann said that compared to conventional methods of generating heat and electricity, CHP systems reduce the primary energy consumption by 25% and emit about one-third less carbon dioxide.

“The trend towards CHP technology and towards decentralized electricity generation will continue,” said managing director Dr. Martin Viessmann.

He noted that the company had unveiled its Stirling engine based micro-CHP Vitotwin 300-W system at the 2011 ISH trade show.

The system will be on the market later this year.

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