US hospital recevies authorisation for cogen equipment

The board of directors of California’s Grossmont Healthcare District has approved the financing and purchase of state-of-the-art cogeneration equipment for the new central energy centre being built at Grossmont hospital in La Mesa.

According to district officials, the equipment is estimated to cost US$18 million, but will save millions of dollars in energy costs and provide a reliable source for up to 95% of the hospital’s electricity needs.

It is also expected to reduce the medical facility’s greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.

The cogeneration equipment comprise emergency generators, chillers powered by both steam and electricity, a heat recovery steam generator, related cooling towers, boilers and medical gas equipment.

The installation of the cogeneration equipment, which is being supplied by Solar Turbines Inc., is on track to be completed later this month as construction proceeds on the 18,000 ft2 (1672m2) central energy plant, located in the southeastern area of the hospital property.

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