Upgrade for Austria’s largest cogen plant

A significant cogeneration plant in Kirchdorf, Austria has been rejuvenated, thanks to the installation of GE’s latest J624 Jenbacher engines.

Energie AG, an Austrian utility serving about 1,400 customers, upgraded its district heating facility by replacing the existing steam turbines with three of the GE models.
GE's J624 gas engine
GE‘s J624 gas engine has an output of 4.4 MW and features two-stage turbocharging, providing electrical efficiency (45.4 per cent), thermal efficiency (43.7 per cent) and overall efficiency (89.1 per cent). The J624 units, which run on natural gas, offer customized hydraulic integration, which gives the utility the ability to choose its temperature level.

CFO of the Energie AG, Dr. Andreas Kolar said, “As our steam turbines reached the end of their life, we looked for a solution with a proven record for high efficiency, low emissions and flexibility. GE’s gas engine technology was the best product for our requirements”.

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