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Uninterruptible power systems market to hit $13.2bn

The global market for uninterruptible power supply systems will grow from $8.2bn in 2011 to $9.4bn this year, according to new analysis.

And according to US-based consultants Pike Research, the market will be worth $13.2bn by 2015.

Currently uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems use a built-in energy storage source such as a battery, flywheel, or other device to supply clean and sufficient power during grid power outages and are primarily utilised to protect an individual PC, server, medical device, airport, or factory.

Pike’s research found that new technologies and architectures are emerging that can integrate UPS systems into the larger power infrastructure and take advantage of the vast amount of energy storage already installed worldwide.

“UPS systems are already an important energy storage feature in cost-efficient and smart buildings,” said Pike’s vice president of research Bob Gohn.à‚ “The emergence of hybrid topologies that automatically switch between different power modes can reduce energy costs over time without compromising power quality.”

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