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UK pharmaceuticals company gets its first CHP plant

Dalkia is helping to bring energy cost savings and environmental improvement to a UK pharmaceuticals company, Sanofi Aventis, thanks to the installation of a small-scale CHP plant at its Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, manufacturing site. The system has the capacity to save up to 650 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year for the company.

Delivered via Dalkia’s specialist small-scale CHP subsidiary, Cogenco, the plant was chosen for its ability to provide an economic method of on-site energy generation, including abundant heat, to the manufacturing plant.

The 725 kWe CHP unit, which generates both heat and electrical energy via a waste heat boiler, was installed to help keep energy costs down and contribute to reducing the organization’s carbon emissions.

The use of CHP technology has a further advantage in the exemption of the Holmes Chapel site from the Climate Change Levy. Equally, the way in which heat and power are generated means the site is now less susceptible to electricity price fluctuations, providing further potential cost savings, says Dalkia.