Miller Homes, a British housing developer, is set to use a combined heat and power (CHP) system to provide hot water and electricity to 282 homes on the banks of the River Aire in Hunslet in Leeds.

The British government has provided a grant of £1.7 million (US$2.7 million) from the Low Carbon Infrastructure Fund for the H2010 development, which is part of the Leeds Sustainable Regeneration Scheme.

Miller Homes has used the money to install the CHP technology, which uses a single piece of plant to generate both heat and electricity.

The system provides all the power, heating and hot water for the scheme and creates excess electricity which can be sold back to the grid, off-setting the cost.

Miller Homes’ technical manager John Thiede said: “If you imagine a car engine, hot water goes to the radiator and escapes and is wasted. In this system, the hot water is helped around the development in a sealed pipe and the energy is then taken out of the water to heat each house.”

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