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Turboden to supply on-site ORC plant in Turkey

Turboden, which specializes in Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbogenerators forà‚ distributed powerà‚ generation fromà‚ renewable sourcesà‚ and waste heat, has won an order in Turkey.

The deal is with egg producer Gàƒ¼res, which has an annual production of about 800 million eggs.

Turboden, which is headquartered inà‚ Italy, will install a new ORC unit at the company’s main production site in Manisa, Turkey.
The Turboden 2.3 MW ORC converts the heat from the combustion ofà‚ chicken litter into electric power and hot water. While the electricity will be sold to the grid at a feed-in tariff specific for bioenergy, the hot water will be used in tailor-made dryers specifically designed by Gàƒ¼res to dry the chicken litter before its combustion.

The feedstock ” about 300 tonnes a day ” will be entirely sourced from Gàƒ¼res’ egg production process.

The start-up of the plant is scheduled for the third quarter of 2018.

The main components of theà‚ ORC unità‚ will be produced locally by Turboden’s Turkish subsidiary Turboden Turkey andà‚ thanks to the locally made content, Gàƒ¼res will enjoy a higher feed-in tariff for electricity sales, which will increase from $133/MWh to $153/MWh.
Turboden ” which is part Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ” has 10 plants in Turkey, of which six are already in operation, with an overall power capacity of 35.7 MW.