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TenneT chief says batteries offer ‘excellent alternative’ to power plants

Gineke van Dijk, senior manager for customers and markets of TenneT, the Netherlands’ national grid operator believes batteries will prove to be an “excellent alternative” to conventional power plants in providing balancing services, especially as a complement to increased solar and wind deployment.

Van Dijk was speaking at the official unveiling of the AES Netherlands Advancion Energy Storage Array, in Vlissingen in the south west of Holland on Wednesday.
AES Storage unveiling
“If wind and solar energy continue to increase, batteries will be an excellent alternative to take over this role of power plants.”

The 10 MW AES array has added 20 MW of flexibility resource to the Dutch network, as it can absorb as well as feed power in to the grid. The system will match supply and demand on the local grid by using power stored in its batteries to respond quickly to grid imbalances.

This means that it can be used to smooth out the variability of renewable energy output as it goes onto TenneT’s high voltage transmission network and make existing conventional generation sources dispatchable while providing more grid-specific ancillary services such as primary control reserve (PCR) which require fast response times.

“This AES investment fits perfectly into TenneT’s vision that grid stability should be less dependent on large conventional power plants in the future,” van Dijk said.

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