Global solar power provider Tenesol has launched what it claims is the world’s first PV energy conversion and storage solution.

The company claims that its Sun Smart+ system will enable solar power to be ‘time shifted’, allowing grid connected systems to self-consume the energy they produce as well as feeding some power into the electricity grid. 

The system is the result of a three year, €9m ($12.2m) project by Lyon-headquartered Tenesol to create a new technology in energy storage for grid connected PV systems.

“PV energy storage will make solar technology a more efficient and cost-effective renewable energy resource,” said Benoit Rolland, managing director of Tenesol. “System operators will benefit from a self-sufficient power source, rather than buying it back from the electricity supplier they feed into. It will also make the solar industry more stable and less reliant on government incentives.”

Engin Yaman, general manager of Tenesol Germany added: “The first generation of solar systems was grid connected. We believe the second generation will be all about decentralised systems that allow for self-consumption.”

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