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Tecogen wins study contracts for 1 MW of CHP

US-based Tecogen has won contracts to perform feasibility and design studies for over 1 MW in new combined heat and power (CHP) projects, the company has announced.

Tecogen said the studies will be carried out at 10 potential sites.

Benjamin Locke, Tecogen’s co-CEO, said: ‘These contracted feasibility and design studies could generate purchase orders of $3.5 million to $4.5 million in new sales from repeat customers.’

The company said the projects include educational, recreational and multi-unit residential sites.

The feasibility studies ‘will evaluate the appropriateness of cogeneration equipment for a variety of sites and use cases,’ it said.

‘In general, a good fit for cogeneration is a site with a high and consistent heating load. You then size the CHP system for this thermal demand to generate maximum savings potential for the customer. Our work will evaluate the sites for suitability and recommend appropriately sized equipment and system designs,’ Locke added.à‚