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Tecogen unveils user-friendly cogen system

Tecogen has launched the InVerde Ultra 100, a low-emissions, natural gas engine-driven cogeneration system.

The Tecogen InVerde Ultra 100 is a UL 1741-certified, natural gas engine-driven CHP module that delivers distributed power generation at extremely low emissions levels.

A built-in black-start capability ensures grid independence, and it can be installed in multiple unit applications.

It is internationally adaptable (50/60 Hz) via a software change and was awarded the CE mark in 2010.

The company claims that unlike conventionally powered CHP products, such as microturbine-based systems, which require batteries and complex supervisory controls when implemented in a micro-grid, the Tecogen InVerde Ultra 100 micro-grid operation combines a small footprint with easy plug and play and utility-friendly operation.

Tecogen technology research and development is supported by the California Energy Commission (CEC) and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas).

“Our investment in Tecogen’s low emissions research will help large industrial facilities meet energy efficiency, carbon reduction, and air quality goals,” said Energy Commission Chairman Dr. Robert Weisenmiller.

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