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Tecogen chillers to benefit Canadian growing facility

Tecogen has announced the sale of two Tecochill 50-tonne air-cooled chillers for installation in an indoor growing facility in Canada.

Dramatically reducing the facility’s electric use by switching cooling loads over to the efficient natural gas engine-driven chillers, the Tecochill units not only provide material cost savings to the facility but also serve as a free source of carbon dioxide (CO2).
Tecochill 50-tonne air-cooled chillers
When fitted with Tecogen’s ultra-clean Ulteraà‚® emissions control technology, this clean exhaust from the units may be recycled for use in plant nourishment to improve growing conditions.

Speaking about the sale, Benjamin Locke, Tecogen co-Chief Executive Officer said, “The market opportunity in the rapidly-expanding indoor-agriculture segment is significant. This chiller order follows on Tecogen’s first sales into the indoor agriculture space in February and our recent participation at a growing-focused event in May, demonstrating promising sales momentum in the segment.”

“In an industry where electricity is often among the customer’s highest on-going expenses, our natural gas powered chillers offer an efficient alternative. These chillers lower electric bills, free electric capacity for other useful purposes, and reduce demand on emergency standby systems, all while generating free waste heat for heating and humidity control and CO2-rich exhaust for plant nourishment.”

Tecochil has been shown to cuts costs by as much as 30-60% when compared to conventional electric chillers. By running on inexpensive and reliable natural gas, Tecochill chillers can help agricultural customers avoid punitive peak electrical demand charges.