Tecogen chillers for indoor agriculture CHP

US-based Tecogen has sold its first gas engine-driven chillers to the nation’s indoor agriculture industry, the firm announced this week.

Two 150-tonne chillers were purchased as components of a combined heat and power (CHP) system to be installed at an indoor growing facility in the state of Colorado.

The equipment is expected to save the facility over $100,000 per year by reducing the building’s energy demand and use, providing carbon dioxide from the cleaned exhaust stream for use in the growing process, and using recovered heat from the engines for heating and humidity control.

Because the chillers’ exhausts will be pre-treated, the exhaust gases can be introduced into the growing spaces through a condensing unit, Tecogen said.

‘This installation will be the first to utilize Tecogen chillers in a grow facility and will be the first to incorporate carbon dioxideà‚ capture and utilization,’ said Robert Panora, Tecogen’s president and chief of operations. ‘It will not only provide an ideal growth environment but will also be one of the most efficient operations in the US.’

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