Stellar gets genset energy from waste

In an alliance with a number of other companies, design and engineering firm Stellar has announced that it is developing modular waste-to-energy genset systems based on the anaerobic digestion of organic waste streams.

Stellar will perform all work in its fabrication shop to produce modules that contain control systems, cogeneration equipment, compressors, flares and electrical equipment. Ring Power, the authorized Caterpillar dealer for North and Central Florida will serve as the key equipment supplier for the genset, providing the gas engine, generator and controls and switchgear, and maintenance. Energenic will be the third-party owner and have responsibility for operations management, specialty metering and engineering services for feasibility analysis.

Suitable for a range of industries, including waste management and wastewater treatment organic materials such as animal waste from meat processing facilities will be digested to produce biogas. The biogas is then to be used in an engine to generate electricity, heating and cooling.

‘In addition to lowering overall energy costs and generating additional income through the sale of the excess electricity or thermal energy produced, these systems support sustainability initiatives, offer alternatives to waste reduction and lower greenhouse gas emissions’, said Kurt Liebendorfer, Stellar senior vice president.

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