Spanish paper recycler Sociedad Anónima Celulosa Aragonesa (SAICA) has started using GE’s Jenbacher gas engine technology to turn biogas into energy at its cogeneration plant in Zaragoza.

SAICA uses recovered paper for manufacturing new paper and currently recycles approximately 2 million tonnes per year at its five sites in Spain.

The CHP plant features three of GE’s Ecomagination approved Jenbacher J620 gas engines, which use biogas from the wastewater treatment to generate electricity.

According to GE, standard biogas plants are typically 1-2 MW but the SAICA plant is more than 8 MW. GE also says its 2.7 MW Jenbacher gas engines also help to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

SAICA says it expects that it will be able to cut a large amount of sulphur hydrogen due to the cleaning of the biogas, creating a sizeable amount of biogas from the paper mill, which otherwise would have contributed to additional CO2 emissions.

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