Smaller, lighter CHP system is designed for sustainable cities

UK energy services and technologies company Ener-G has announced the launch of a smaller, lighter combined heat and power system.

The company has shrunk its 50 kW system by 30%, making the new E50 gas-fired CHP unit the smallest and lightest in its fleet.

The E50 is designed to meet the demands of sustainable cities, where space is at a premium and noise control is an issue, Ener-G said. Smaller footprint, acoustically insulated packaged CHP systems that can meet environmental assessment targets, achieve compliance with sustainable building codes and gain acceptance with planning authorities constitute a growth market according to Ener-G.

Typical applications for the E50 are small hotels, mixed use developments and small district heating schemes.

Ener-G said the E50’s manufacture uses fewer raw materials and saves energy and cost in the production process. The E50 is easier and less costly to transport, the company added, offering major advantages in the export market.

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