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Skoda Power awarded major CHP retrofit project in Finland

Skoda Power, a part of Doosan Power Systems, has been awarded a contract for the major modernisation of turbogenerators in the Salmisaari B CHP plant in Helsinki, Finland.

Salmisaari B is a coal power plant capable of producing 160 MW of electricity and approximately 280 MW of district heating to the city of Helsinki.

The plant was put into operation in the early 1980s.

The project involves the complete modernisation of the turbogenerators and covers the retrofit of high-pressure parts, a complete replacement of low-pressure parts, a new generator and auxiliaries.

The aim of the project is to improve the internal thermodynamic efficiency, increase power output by about 12 MW and extend the turbine’s lifetime by 20 years.

Commissioning is scheduled for September 2012.

The Salmisaari B power plant is owned by Helsinki Energy, a customer that Skoda Power supplied two steam turbines for its Hanasaari B power plant in Helsinki in the 1970s. Both turbines were successfully modernised in recent years by Skoda Power.

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