22 June 2010 – Under contract to the plant operator Vattenfall Europe, Siemens has modernized the entire electrical and instrumentation & control (I&C) equipment at the Merwedekanaal 11 cogeneration plant in the Netherlands.
The plant, which was put on line for the first time in 1983/84 and has an installed electrical capacity of 100 MW, feeds power into the interconnected grid and supplies approximately 80 MW of district heat to the city of Utrecht.
As part of the modernization, which was performed at the same time to a major gas turbine inspection and overhaul, the outdated electrical and I&C equipment was replaced by Siemens advanced SPPA-T3000 including the SPPA-R3000 power plant and turbine I&C-equipment, as well as components from the SPPA-E3000 electrical solutions range.
The scope of supply included replacement of the unit I&C and the I&C for the BBC gas and steam turbine generators, conversion of the mechanical control equipment to advanced hydraulic systems for the gas and steam turbines, replacement of the start-up frequency converter and synchronization equipment, fail-safe protection system for the steam generators and gas turbines, integration of a new operation and monitoring system in the central control room, partial replacement of field devices and the provision of remote control by the load dispatcher in Amsterdam.