Semiconductor cogen development

M+W Zander FE GmbH has expanded the energy supply centre (EVC 1) at the AMD semiconductor factory Fab 38 in Dresden with a new turn-key tri-generation system.

Natural gas engines with downstream steam and hot water generators form the heart of the new power plant. The steam is used to provide both cooling and heat for owner operators Energieversorgungs-center Dresden-Wilschdorf GmbH&Co KG.

M+W Zander had overall responsibility for planning, construction and turnkey handover to the operator. Overall, the efficiency of the plant has increased from 72% to around 80%, M + W say.

A particularly tough engineering challenge was presented by the specification not to exceed the existing noise pollution levels and a special design and configuration of the cooling towers ensures compliance with this regulation despite doubling of the cooling output installed on the roof, MAN says.

The existing station, EVC 1, was planned and constructed together with the AMD semiconductor Fab 30 by M+W Zander during the second half of the 1990s. The second Dresden AMD semiconductor factory, Fab 36, was planned and built by the Stuttgart facility engineering company, together with the associated EVC2.

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