San Francisco eyes solar-plus-storage potential

San Francisco is mulling the installation of solar plus storage systems at communal buildings around the city, with the aim of improving resiliency in the event of earthquakes and other disasters.

San Francisco Examiner reports that city officials are considering the technology combination designed to provide energy for critical loads for up to five days.
San Francisco
Consulting group Arup, hired to study the viability of the solar-plus-storage systems, said the initiative would cost in the region of $40 million, if the city’s fathers decide to go ahead.

Much of San Francisco’s current resiliency planning relies on diesel generators to provide electricity should the city be hit by a disaster. But obtaining fuel for those generators could be difficult during a major disaster that disrupts supply chains.

According to a three year study funded with $1.3 million from the Department of Energy and $300,000 in San Francisco city funds, solar-plus-storage installations at community centers would provide fuel-free backup power for critical services such as refrigeration for medical supplies, lighting for shelters, and communications.

At the moment, the costs of the installation are a concern and the newspaper stated that private backing would be sought to fund at least 30 per cent of the project.

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