Rolls-Royce gas engines for CHP in Belgium and Spain

Until recently, basic heat requirements for the large-scale greenhouses of V W Tuinderijen at Loenhout, northern Belgium, have been met by a wood-burning installation, plus a gas boiler for peak heating demand. In future, the greenhouse business will benefit by the installation of a CHP unit based on the Rolls-Royce B35:40 12-cylinder gas engine, with its 5.1 MW of power capable of providing all required heat. At times of relatively low heating requirements excess power will be sold to the grid.

British fuel cell technology developer Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited (CFCL) and utility company E.ON UK, the company that runs Powergen in Britain, have signed an agreement to develop and deploy a prototype fuel cell micro-CHP unit in the UK. The highly efficient new units are being designed to be able to power a wide range of UK homes.

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