The global cogeneration market will enjoy a period of strong growth over the next decade with over 8.5 million CHP systems shipped during the next decade, says a new report from Pike Research, a cleantech market intelligence firm.

Efficient cogeneration technologies have been an area of emphasis in Europe since the 1980s but up to this point, CHP has not been widely adopted elsewhere.

But this looks set to change, given that CHP applications provide an opportunity for end users to generate electricity and heat on a highly distributed and localised basis, while lowering their energy expenses.

Pike believes that the vast majority of the units will be shipped to the residential sector.

However, it warns that several market conditions must coincide in order to make CHP units a reasonable alternative to the grid or even other self-generation technologies.

These conditions include appropriate matching of thermal and electrical output to the customer’s needs, cooperation of utilities for interconnection and other implementation requirements, classification of CHP as ‘renewable energy’ for inclusion in government programmes, relatively high thermal requirements compared to electrical requirements and high or volatile spark spreads.

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