Germany’s MAN Diesel SE has signed a contract covering the supply of all the equipment for a diesel engine combined cycle power station in Pakistan.

The contract, worth around €150 million, involves the turn-key construction of a 200 MW plant at Narowal in the Lahore region.

The Narowal plant is based on 11 v-18 versions of the most powerful four-stroke engine in MAN Diesel’s stationary power generation programme, the type 48/60B. The engines will burn heavy fuel oil (HFO) and will operate in a diesel-combined cycle arrangement.

With a total electrical output 213.60 MW, the output of the 11 generator sets is complemented by a steam turbine generator driven by steam raised from the engine exhaust gases.

MAN Diesel’s local subsidiary in Pakistan, MAN Diesel (pvt) Ltd. will be responsible for the supply of local goods and services to the independent power provider Hub Power Company (HUBCO).

The plant is due to go on grid at the end of March 2010, MAN Diesel reports.

A similar 225 MW facility contracted to MAN Diesel in 2007 is already under construction at Sheikhupura, also near Lahore and is due to begin operations in spring 2009.