Nuvera and Air Liquide form joint venture to market fuel cells

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Feb. 15, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE)à‚– Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc., and Air Liquide, the world’s largest supplier of industrial gases, today announced their agreement to form a joint venture to be based in Sassenage, France, near Grenoble.

The company, whose name has not yet been announced, will develop and market, on a global scale, complete power production systems based on fuel cell and fuel processor technology. These systems will be used for portable, stationary, and transportation applications.

The agreement stipulates that the joint venture will develop, make, and market equipment systems for portable use, modules for stationary applications, and equipment for public transportation vehicles (buses and streetcars) and utility vehicles. These systems will use hydrogen as their main fuel source to produce power with no harmful effect on the environment. The joint venture will also pursue its research in the area of fuel cells, to develop, test, and enhance its technology.

This new company will be supported by a dedicated team of engineers from Nuvera’s European office, who will be responsible for the fuel cell stack. Air Liquide will help Nuvera develop the stack and will be responsible for developing hydrogen production and storage technology and ancillary fuel cell equipment, and for the testing and qualifying of the integrated systems.

In the words of Alain Joly, Air Liquide’s Chairman and CEO, “This joint venture with Nuvera, which is known for its expertise in fuel cell technology, shows our group’s commitment to finding clean, environment-friendly energy solutions. The use of this technology, particularly in public transportation vehicles, will reduce pollution in our cities. Air Liquide will contribute its expertise in producing and supplying the hydrogen these fuel cell systems will need.”

“The new venture, which is the result of a long-standing relationship between Air Liquide and one of Nuvera’s parent organizations, Gruppo De Nora, builds on each business’s core strengths – industry knowledge, technology expertise, manufacturing capabilities, and global reach,” said Mark Brodsky, President of Nuvera Fuel Cells. “Teaming with the world’s largest industrial gas supplier allows Nuvera technology to be deployed into new hydrogen markets where we previously did not compete and should enable us to expand our global customer base.”

About Nuvera

Nuvera ( is a designer and developer of fuel processors, fuel cell stacks, and integrated fuel cell systems for stationary and transportation applications. Our fuel processors and proton exchange membrane, or PEM, fuel cell stacks have been successfully tested and evaluated by major automobile and appliance manufacturers, research institutions, and industrial and energy companies. Nuvera’s fuel processors have demonstrated the ability to extract hydrogen from a number of commonly available hydrocarbon fuels, including gasoline, ethanol, methanol, natural gas, kerosene, propane, butane, home heating oil, and diesel. Nuvera was formed in April 2000 through the merger of De Nora Fuel Cells S.p.A., the fuel cell division of the Italian engineering concern Gruppo De Nora, and Epyx Corporation, the fuel processing division of the American business and technology consulting firm Arthur D. Little, Inc. The two companies have built and tested approximately 38 fuel processors and 306 fuel cell stacks over the last 10 years. Nuvera maintains corporate and operational facilities in both Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Milan, Italy.

About Air Liquide

Air Liquide ( is a global provider of industrial and medical gases and related services. By staying at the vanguard of technological leadership, Air Liquide provides its customers all over the world with new products, services, and solutions. Founded in 1902, Air Liquide has 125 subsidiaries in 60 countries and employs 29,000 people. Total sales in 2000 totaled 8.1 billion euros with sales outside of France accounting for 77%. Air Liquide is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange and is a member of the CAC 40 Index (Sicovam Code 12 007).

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