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NLMK starts hot testing at Russian cogeneration plant

Novolipetsk Steel‘s (NLMK) new 150 MW recovery cogeneration plant has started receiving and processing blast furnace gas (BFG) from its plant at Novolipetsk in Russia.

Commissioning the new plant will raise Novolipetsk’s generation capacity by 45% to 482 MW, bringing its level of energy self-sufficiency up from 47% to 56% even with an expansion of the NLMK’s blast furnace and steelmaking capacities.

The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has extended a €125m ($174m) credit to finance this project, which is expected to result in a 15-fold fall in emissions.

EBRD has also awarded NLMK a prize for its model integrated energy saving strategy, the promotion of best management practices and skills using innovative environmental technologies and energy consumption solutions.

Associated gas is supplied to waste heat boilers for the generation of high-pressure steam and, eventually, electric power. Novolipetsk Steel has started on an environmental programme aimed at the efficient use of secondary energy resources and the complete recycling of BFG.

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