Eight European manufacturers of gas and steam turbines have formed a new industry association under the perplexing name of EUnitedTurbines. Initially, the organization will run with a staff of three. The General Secretary, Dr Claudia Weise, and an assistant will be based in Frankfurt and a Manager for European Affairs, Udo Kremer, will be based in Brussels. The founding members of the organization are AG Kuehnle, Kopp & Kausch, Alstom Power Generation, B+V Industrietechnik, GE Energy, MAN Turbomaschinen, Rolls-Royce, Siemens Power Generation and Tuthill Energy Systems.

These companies together have more than 70,000 employees and represent an international business volume of nearly €20 billion.

Speaking at the PowerGen exhibition in Barcelona in May, the President of the organization’s general assembly, Gérard Brunel, said that the main motivation behind the group was to get their voice heard. They believe that the contribution the turbine industry can make is often overlooked when research and development priorities are set. Working under the slogan ‘turbo-power for Europe’ they see the two main energy supply challenges as the Lisbon declaration to make Europe the most competitive, dynamic economy in the world by 2010, and in the Kyoto Protocol. The association is strongly committed to both of these ambitious targets.

To achieve them both they are keen to see more emphasis placed, particularly by the EU, on the role that the industry can play in achieving these targets. They would like to see support for two principal thrusts for the development of the industry with a goal of achieving zero-carbon power plants by 2020. The first of these would be increased efficiency in the current plant to see steam turbine and combined-cycle power plants moving towards 55% and 65% efficiency respectively in the medium term. Their second target is a programme for carbon dioxide separation and storage.


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US microturbine power systems manufacturer Capstone Turbine has shipped the first beta version of its 200 kW ‘C200’ unit to the University of California at Irvine.

Developed in conjunction with the US Department of Energy’s Advanced MicroTurbine System Program, the new natural gas-fuelled power system has many of the features of the company’s 30 kW and 60 kW products: a single moving part, no lubricants or other hazardous fluids, and extremely low emissions without any exhaust clean-up devices or chemicals.

The 200 kW machine installed at the
University of California

‘We will perform several months of continuous operation on this and other beta C200s,’ said Capstone CEO John Tucker. The company plans to deploy another beta C200 at its Chatsworth, California headquarters and at least two more at the Connecticut research centre of United Technologies.

In pre-shipment operation at Capstone’s research and development facility in Van Nuys, California, the system produced more than 200 kW with an electrical efficiency that met or exceeded the company’s performance targets, added Tucker. The system was shipped on the same day as the installed fleet of Capstone microturbines achieved a cumulative total of six million hours of documented operation.


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