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Museum trigen scheme celebrates $14m in savings

A trigeneration scheme at London‘s Natural History Museum (pictured) has saved its operators more than à‚£11 million ($14 million) in 10 years of operation, installer Vital Energi announced this week.

The system, installed in 2006, includes a 1.9 MW combined heat and power (CHP) generator, waste heat boiler and two absorption chillers totalling 1.5 MW.

Vital Energi said the system has also saved 15,000 tonnes of CO2.

During the summer months, the excess heat is used to provide cooling for the museum’s collections. It also provides energy for London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

Nick Gosling, group sales and strategy director at Vital Energi, said: ‘The installation at the Natural History Museum now has a decade-long track record and has outperformed its guaranteed carbon and financial savings in every year of operation.

‘This is now a fantastic case study for long-term energy infrastructure upgrades and we are honoured to celebrate the NHM’s achievements with the rest of the industry in such an iconic venue.’à‚ 

More information about this project may be found here.à‚