MTU high temperature HotModule fuel cell nears series production

18 June 2002 – MTU’s high temperature fuel cell technology – known as HotModule – is on target for series production, says the German firm. Two demonstration plants have been installed and successfully operated in Germany, while another 15 units are to be delivered in 2002 and 2003.

The latest HotModule to be produced will be commissioned in Magdeburg, Germany, this autumn. Work on the facility began in April on the site of the thermal power plant operating company, IPF Heizkraftwerksbetriebsgesellschaft.

Power from the plant will be fed into utility Stadtische Werke Magdeburg’s grid, and the thermal energy will supply the Otto von Guericke University clinic. The plant will also supply exhaust air at 400à‚°C to produce low pressure hot water in a heat recovery boiler at 105à‚°C.

The HotModule emits few pollutants and operates more efficiently than conventional units. It can generate 218 kWe with a unit capacity of 250 kW. With the 170 kW of thermal energy, the HotModule has an efficiency ratio of over 90 per cent.

Once the plant is ready, IPF will carry out a joint project with MTU, the Max Planck Institute at the Universities of Magdeburg and Bayreuth to examine optimized process control for fuel cell systems.

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