20 July 2010 – Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas (MPS) is to provide CHP system, powered by Mitsubishi’s own 18KU30GSI gas-powered reciprocating engine, to the University of Central Florida (UCF). The CHP system will generate around 5.5 MW of electrical power to the UCF campus. 
The CHP system will provide UCF with multiple benefits, including a lower carbon footprint for equivalent power consumed, reduced electrical grid demand, lower cost of operation and expanded chilled water production to support campus growth, says the company.
The integration of an absorption chiller to capture engine-generated heat will provide one of the most fuel-efficient cogeneration systems available today. 
UCF also invested in a high-efficiency emissions control system for the benefit of all campus residents. The new CHP plant is scheduled to begin operation in the autumn of 2011.
MPS Engine Director Stephen Burris said: ‘Securing this contract underscores the impeccable reliability and performance of Mitsubishi’s worldwide fleet of CHP systems, which now includes 140 similar systems installed or on order.

‘It also affirms the MPS mission of providing an Americas-based resource for Mitsubishi products, engineering capabilities, project management and US based OEM-quality service.’

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