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Microturbines to boost energy efficiency for NYC hospital

Capstone is to deliver two microturbines to a New York City hospital for a total capacity of 1.6 MW.à‚ 

The order for the C1000S and C600S series microturbines with integrated heat recovery modules and controls was aimed at improving the hospital’s energy efficiency.

Both natural gas-fired microturbines will be installed in an integrated combined heat and power (ICHP) application and will operate in dual mode, which allows the customer to operate independently or with the grid in a load sharing capacity, Capstone said.

The exhaust heat from the integrated heat recovery modules will help offset the hospital’s thermal load and boost overall site efficiency.

The new system is expected to be commissioned late this year.

Capstone president and CEO Darren Jamison said the technology is “targeted directly at customers like hospitals as well as hotels, office buildings, retail and industrial applications” and that Capstone is “diversify[ing] our market verticals by concentrating on CHP as energy efficiency is a growth market for us globally and New York in specific is one of our fastest growing territories”.