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Microturbine-based trigen plant planned for Cartagena

A new combined heating, cooling and power (CCHP) plant in Cartagena, Colombia is to be powered by microturbines from Capstone Turbine.

The firm announced this week that it had received an order for six of its gas-fired C1000 Signature Series microturbines (pictured) for the plant, which is planned to supply power and district cooling for several buildings currently under development, including a hospital and a hotel.

The project is expected to begin in early 2017 and is to be rolled out in three phases. The first phase will comprise two turbines which will operate in stand-alone mode. Capstone said the second and third phases will begin soon after the completion of the first. à‚ 

The firm added that the energy requirement of the project could reach 10 MW, which would require four additional microturbines.

Darren Jamison, Capstone’s president and CEO, said, ‘Colombia has become our largest market within South America over the last year and continues to provide strong growth opportunities, specifically in the industrial CHP market vertical,’ adding that the energy efficiency and CHP market segment ‘is offsetting the downturn we have been experiencing in the oil and gas markets’.à‚