Micro-CHP unit will adapt to building loads

The Danish manufacturer of micro-CHP systems, EC Power, has launched a new addition to its range of packaged units that, with increased reliability, has a service life 40% more than its previous model. The company has developed a unit that utilizes a natural gas-powered reciprocating engine from Toyota.

With a maximum electrical output of 13 kW, the system will modulate energy production down as low as 4 kW to follow demand. In addition to this, up to 29 kW of heat can be recovered for use in heating and domestic hot water applications.

Completely automated, the units are delivered with heat storage tanks, hydraulic controls and a highly advanced computer control system that will adapt itself to the requirements of the building and consumers, says the company.

This adaptive control system learns about the heating and electrical demand profile of the building and modulates its output accordingly. The system can also be programmed to meet specific operating demands of the site. For example, it could be asked to only produce electricity when the cost of importing from the grid is at its highest, export surplus electricity to the grid when most economical and store heat when not required.
– 22 August 2006

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