Metrics Group announces a new report on fuel cell patenting findings

16 July 2002 – Metrics Group announces the availability of a new report– Technical Intelligence Profile (TIP): Fuel Cells.

The TIP provides a broad overview of patenting activity in the field of Fuel Cells, as well as general competitive intelligence on the patenting of select market leaders and universities.

Data supplements are available for: Ballard Power Systems, FuelCell Energy, H Power, Plug Power, UTC Fuel Cells, and Active Universities. The findings in the report include:

* Annual U.S. Fuel Cells patenting has quadrupled over the past decade. In 2001, over 250 fuel cell patents were issued — yielding an average issue rate of about 5 patents per week.

* Ballard Power Systems’ patents may be particularly important to the technological development of the Fuel Cells field and may be more valuable than the patents of other Fuel Cells companies.

* Notable New Players in the field of Fuel Cell patenting include Plug Power and Reveo (eVionyx).

“Fuel Cell technology will become increasingly important as the U.S. tries to reduce its dependence on foreign oil. This report provides a unique perspective on the development of Fuel Cell technology and the strengths of important players in the field,” said Rich Kolar, lead analyst on the Fuel Cell TIP report.

About the TIP Series
Metrics Group uses text- and data-mining software to extract and analyze patent data and other information from electronic databases to produce each TIP. TIPs also include patent citation analytics from Metrics Group’s exclusive Citation Indicator Analytics Database.

About Metrics Group, LLC
Metrics Group is a research firm that specializes in mining patent and publication databases for competitive insight and patent portfolio management. Offering a wide range of reports, alerting services, and online tools, Metrics Group is a participant in the field of Innovation Analytics. Visit or for more information.

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