MAN Diesels for CHP

UK energy company, Blue-NG has placed an order for a series of MAN B&W type 10L35MC-S diesel engines, the first four of which will be installed at sites in Beckton and Southall, Greater London.

The first engine is due for delivery in December 2009, with the remaining machines due to follow at three-month intervals. Operations are due to begin by 2010.
The two-stroke, low-speed ‘marine’ engines will run on bio-liquids and will be built by MAN Diesel’s Polish licensee, H. Cegielski ” Poznan S.A.

Each engine develops 6.45 MW at 214.3 rpm and has an ISO 3046 efficiency of 48.9%. The engines’ high-temperature waste heat will drive an organic Rankine cycle (ORC) turbine, while low-temperature excess heat will be used in a natural-gas, pressure-reduction station where the heat will drive turbo expanders. The plant’s total, net electrical efficiency will therefore peak at above 80%.

Blue-NG is a joint venture between the National Grid, the UK’s gas and power-distribution company, and 2OC Ltd.