German manufacturer MAN Diesel & Turbo launched the 18V48/60TS engine, a two-stage-turbocharged stationary, medium-speed unit at POWER-GEN Europe in Milan, Italy.
MAN says the new engine offers significantly increased turbocharging efficiency that contributes greatly to the engine’s overall efficiency and power density. The newly developed HFO-run engine also meets World Bank 2008 guidelines for exhaust emissions at higher efficiency.
The two-stage turbocharged 18V48/60TS engine offers an increased continuous power-output up to 1200 kW/cyl; NOx emissions of 1480 mg/Nm³ (@15 per cent O2) while operating at an increased output of 1200 kW/cyl; fuel oil consumption of 171.1 g/kWh while retaining an output of 1050 kW/cyl; flexible operation between 1050 and 1200 kW/cyl that gives operators the choice between low fuel consumption or high power output; plus the possibility to retrofit existing 18V48/60 engines to two-stage turbocharged installations.
The overall design of the two-stage turbocharged 18V48/60TS has been kept as simple as possible and differs in the form of just a few modifications from the standard engine. These include modified fuel-injection nozzles for the higher power-output range; a three-ring piston with higher compression ratio; a modified camshaft for enhanced Miller timing; and an additional exhaust-gas bypass valve to avoid smoke during start-up.
The high-pressure turbocharger is directly mounted to the engine with the low-pressure turbocharger located upstream on its own steel frame. The combustion-air and exhaust-gas piping between both turbochargers is fitted with compensators, ensuring complete insulation from vibrations.
At the power output of 1050 kW/cylinder, the 18V48/60TS diesel engine has a specific fuel-oil consumption of 171.1 g/kWh, referenced to engine power output without engine-mounted pumps, at ISO 3046 conditions with a tolerance of 5 per cent.
This is equivalent to a heat rate of 7305 kJ/kWh or a pure engine efficiency of 49.2 per cent. Referenced to an electrical genset power-output, assuming a generator efficiency of 97.5 per cent and with engine-mounted pumps, the heat rate emerges as 7607 kJ/kWh or 47.3 per cent electrical genset efficiency.
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