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L’Oreal Italia unveils zero emissions CHP project

In Italy, a collaboration between L’Oreal (Euronext:à‚ OR), the Municipality of Settimo Torinese, and the energy-saving company Pianeta, are set to utilise cogeneration technology in order to reduce emissions.

The group aims to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2015 and also meet the provisions of the Kyoto and Durban agreements.

Giorgina Gallo
The Settimo Torinese hub will be totally self-sufficient from an energy standpoint. A connection to a cogeneration network, fuelled by a system that simultaneously uses three renewable sources a thermodynamic solar system, a zero-kilometre biomass gasification plant and a district-heating and district-cooling network will guarantee the energy required to run the site.

Giorgina Gallo, President and CEO of L’Oreal Italia stated “The technology of the concentrating solar panels, combined with the use of the biomass plant and district-heating network, will guarantee green energy for the plant without interruptions, even at night and on days without sunshine.

In addition, independence from fossil fuels will allow the facility to plan its resources better and increase its productivity.”

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