Landmark Stockholm biomass CHP plant opened

The inauguration of a new biomass power plant took place in Vàƒ¤rtan, Stockholm last month.
Stockholm at night
The parties involved celebrated the incorporation of 100% renewable fuel being used in what is purported to be the worldà‚´s biggest biofuel power and heat plant, jointly owned by Fortum and the City of Stockholm.

The new environment-friendly project has several attractions, such as a substantial portion of the building being carved into the rock, while a regenerative turbine system and districts heater, supplied by Doosan Skoda Power are located 15 meters below ground and fuel depots are 30 m below ground. Transport of biomass fuel from the port to the power plant is provided by a 1km-long underground conveyor.

This biomass power plant will be used primarily for the production of heat and electricity. Doosan has supplied a turbo generator, including a single casing 3000 rpm steam turbine, designed to produce 154 MW of power.

Fortum Vàƒ¤rmes owners, Fortum and City of Stockholm will secure the delivery of fossil free heat and power all day when it’s needed even if there is no sun or wind. The plant will heat 190à‚ 000 flats.

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