Landfill gas CHP project commissioned in France

A landfill gas-fuelled combined heat and power plant has been commissioned in Plessis-Gassot, France.

Developed by French waste management and services company Véolia Propreté in conjunction with energy services company Dalkia and distributed power services provider Clarke Energy, the new 17.3 MW Electr’od cogeneration plant features 10 Jenbacher engines.

Using four 2.7 MW J620 gas engines, five containerised 1.1 MW J416s and one containerised 1 MW J320, in addition to electricity, the cogeneration facility also produces 30,000 MWh/year of thermal energy.à‚ This energy is feeding a new heating and hot water network that serves homes and shared facilities in Plessis-Gassot which has become the first town in France to have a district heating scheme fuelled by biogas.

The new plant replaces a smaller, less efficient steam turbine-boiler system and increased the power output of the plant by 5 MW while also improving its electrical efficiency from 22% up to 40%. The electricity is sold toà‚ àƒâ€°lectricité Réseau Distribution France (ERDF)à‚ for use throughout France. As a result, the electric heating bills for Plessis-Gassot residents who are connected to the grid supplied by Electr’od are expected to fall by 92%.

Clarke Energy, GRS Valtech and Dalkia implemented the design, construction and operation of the repowering project on behalf of Véolia Propreté. Dalkia is the operator, Clarke Energy engineered, installed and will maintain the facility and GRS Valtech provided the equipment for the landfill gas pre-treatment process.à‚ 

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