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La Réunion landfill light-up

The French-owned island of La Réunion in the Indian Ocean is to be the site of a new 2 MWe CHP plant running on landfill gas.

The two GE Energy supplied Jenbacher JMS 320 GS/L.L gas engines for the cogeneration project are being installed near the town of Saint-Pierre, on the southern end of the island.

The units’ combined electrical output, more than 2 MW, will be sold to the grid. The combined 1172 kWth (without the use of exhaust gas heat) will create hot water for the landfill’s leachate treatment system, which utilizes a thermal evaporation process in vacuum conditions. Under what GE describes as ‘challenging tropical climatic conditions’, the engines have an electrical efficiency of about 40.1%.

Jenbacher distributor Clarke Energy France is installing the units on behalf of GRS Valtech, a subsidiary of Veolia Environmental Services, in autumn 2008. The units are scheduled to enter commercial operation in November 2008.

France’s ‘obligation d’achat; feed-in tariff system, which provides incentives for installation of additional renewable energy capacity, helped make the La Réunion landfill gas project more economically feasible for the project’s developer, a statement from GE says.
La Réunion, some 680 km east of Madagascar, is seeking to become completely independent from energy imports by 2025. To reach this goal, the island needs to add an estimated 400 MW of capacity.

‘This project is GE’s first landfill gas plant to be installed in any of France’s overseas regions, and we are looking forward to supporting La Réunion’s efforts to create a more sustainable, secure and autonomous energy infrastructure,’ said Prady Iyyanki, CEO of Jenbacher.