A rooftop solar PV installation in Jordan is now powering a university.

The 2.11 MW “Project Anwar” solar PV plant was commissioned last month at the German Jordanian University in the historic town of Madaba, south of Amman.

Two rooftop systems and four carport systems including 6697 PV panels and 79 solar inverters were installed by Germany-headquartered solar mounting company the Schletter Group in partnership with the project developer, Jordan’s Firas Balasmeh Corporation for Control Systems (FB Group).

The systems are distributed across the campus in the form of rooftop systems as well as carports for 600 cars and canopies for students and pedestrians. The aluminium carport systems were individually designed and custom-built.

A SCADA system and an integrated automatic weather station are also included.

In addition to reducing the university’s power costs, the solar systems will be used for research and engineering training for students. Students from the Faculty of Engineering have already participated in the project during the implementation phase.

Prof Manar Fayyad, the university’s president, said the solar system is one of the most important projects to support the university’s budget by reducing its electricity bill.

And she added that it symbolizes the university’s vision of joined-up teaching and training.