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Ice cream giant uses cogeneration to increase production

One of the world’s top ice cream manufacturers has placed CHP technology at the core of a new investment programme.

Yorkshire, England-based R&R Ice Cream, has completed a à‚£25m investment programme at its Leeming Bar facility, with the firm hoping the move will see a 20 per cent increase in its overall production capability.
RandR ice cream assembly line
Brands such as Oreo, Smarties, Cadbury, Rowntrees and leading frozen yoghurt brand Yoomoo as well as own label products for all the UK’s leading retailers will benefit from the programme.

The new gas-fired CHP plant has seen heat produced by the generator itself used to produce hot water for the site asࢀ‹ ࢀ‹well as steam which is used for general cleaning purposes.

Installing the CHP plant has led to significant savings in energy costs and R&R estimates the à‚£2m cost of the plant will be repaid in just over three years.

More production has also meant that the capacity of the on-site effluent treatment plant has been increased from 600,000 litres to 1.5 million litres per a day.

The Yorkshire Post reports that from early 2016 around 30,000 tonnes of this waste annually “some two-thirds of the total ” will be taken to a nearby anaerobic digester, owned by Leeming Biogas.

The ice cream waste will be used to produce biomethane which will be fed directly into the local gas network which in turn supplies R&R with gas for their CHP. The remaining waste will be used to enhance local agricultural land.