Iberdrola’s EnergyWorks Cartagena combined heat and power plant in Spain has gained from a recent upgrade to its control systems.

Emerson Process Management carried out the work using the latest version of its Ovation expert control system and it has led to greater reliability and efficiency with faster system response enabling the plant to react more quickly to changes in demand.

The gas-fired plant is on the south eastern Spanish coast and the 95 MW, combined-cycle cogeneration facility supplies process steam and power to a neighbouring polycarbonate factory.

Iberdrola EnergyWorks Cartagena combined heat and power plant
The existing control systems needed to be upgraded to improve plant responsiveness, extend the life of the plant and maximise production efficiencies.

Emerson supplied four pairs of redundant Ovation controllers, installed the operating software and implemented the changeover during a 10-day planned shutdown of the plant.

The upgrade was scheduled in two phases to minimise revenue lost due to the power station being off-line and ensure a continuous supply of steam to the plastics factory.

The control systems are in two sections, one covering the CHP plant and the other covering the separate package boilers. While the CHP plant was modernised, the package boilers generated the steam required by the plastics factory.

Steam generation then reverted to the CHP plant during the upgrade of the package boilers.

This allowed Emerson to ensure the steam supply was uninterrupted and local operation of auxiliary services was maintained.

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