Aalborg Engineering has begun a two-year project to install two heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) at a ferrosilicon production plant in Troms, Norway, which will transform a waste product into electricity that could power 160,000 local households.
Currently, the heat in the flue gas from the production process of the Finnfjord plant is not utilized at all.
When complete, the HRSGs will enable the generation of 220 GWh of electricity per year, representing a potential saving of 250,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide compared to electricity produced from coal.
In addition to the electricity production, the plant will supply 125 GWh of process heat per year to a planned new bio-pellet production facility to be located close to Finnfjord.
The project will involve the first installation of Aalborg’s SteamGen 10 boiler product and is the largest in the company’s history, says the company.
The project is partly subsidized by the Norwegian government as a move towards converting to green energy and improving energy efficiency.
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