Wärtsilä is to supply a 54.5 MW power plant for Madeira, Portugal for local utility company Empreasa de Electricidade de Madeira (EEM) under a turnkey contract valued at nearly €33 million.

The Vitoria III project is an extension of an existing thermal power plant and will supply electricity to the grid. The first engine is scheduled to be in commercial operation in December 2009, with the remaining two scheduled to become operational a year later in December 2010.

Three Wärtsilä 18V50DF dual-fuel engines, generators, most of the mechanical auxiliary equipment, emission reduction equipment, electrical control equipment, various buildings, as well as engineering services, supervision and plant commissioning are to be supplied by Wartsila.

The balance of the contract will be supplied by the company’s sales agent in Portugal, Energetus.
The three engines each have a rated output of 16,600 kWe and will run on heavy fuel oil until such time as gas is available. The exhaust gases will, via heat recovery boilers, generate steam that will be used for the power plant’s internal fuel heating and for driving a steam turbine that will generate an additional 3.4 MWe.