Cogeneration specialist Greenvironment has received orders from an oil and gas producer to build two 200 kW microturbine CHP plants in Germany to convert associated petroleum gas (APG) from the extraction of crude oil into electricity as well as heat.

To achieve this, Greenvironment is building a pilot plant that aims to demonstrate that fluctuating volumes of gas with a varying composition can be effective in microturbines.

Electricity generated will mainly be used for operating the plant. Excess electricity will be fed into the local utility grid while the thermal energy produced will be used as process heat.

“Though these are German projects, it gives us a lot of know-how about how the turbines can be used on associated petroleum gas,” said Matti Malkamäki, CEO of Greenvironment.

“We have a number of similar cases waiting, not only in Germany but also in Poland and Romania where similar needs exist.”

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