Greenvironment has won an order from BioEnergie Zehnebeck to build a 400 kW microturbine plant at the site of a dairy farm in Gramzow, near Prenzlau in Germany.

The manure from the dairy cattle will be fed into the biogas plant to produce the gas for heat and electricity generation, with the Greenvironment CHP plant using microturbine technology. To achieve a better utilization of the plant, leftover food from the dairy farming and silage can also be added.

In this biogas project, two coupled 200 kW microturbines will be used with the generated electricity sold to the local utility’s grid. The hot exhaust stream of the microturbine is used to heat a fermenter and nearby buildings.

In addition to the microturbines, the new system includes a technology container consisting of a control cabinet, a gas conditioning module (45 kW) and a heat supply unit (450 kW thermal output at a temperature spread of 70-90 degrees celsius).

All required permits are in place and commissioning is scheduled for December 2011.

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