CHP specialist Greenvironment is to install microturbines for a 113 MWt district heating scheme in Poland’s Kolobrzeg region for local utility MEC Kolobrzeg.

Greenvironment, which specializes in the use of microturbine technology in electricity generation from biogas and natural gas, is planning to put to put a 200 kWel C200 microturbine into operation as a pilot plant in spring 2012.

Microturbines benefit from high availability, low maintenance requirements, low emissions, favourable EEG and KWKG bonus compensation and flexible heat utilization, according to the firm.

Sebastian Hampel, managing director of Greenvironment Poland, says: “In the Baltic Sea area, there is a big potential for small microturbine CHP units because those are ideally suited for more than 100 four- and five-star Baltic Sea hotels with high baseload need throughout the year. The next project which is currently under review between Greenvironment and MEC Kolobrzeg is a C65 project for the first five-star hotel on the Baltic Sea.”

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