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Germany orders microturbines for CHP boom

Capstone Turbine Corporation says it has received orders for a C200 and 19 units of its C65 microturbine machine for multiple combined heat and power (CHP) projects in Germany.

The C200 microturbine will be installed at a large-scale industrial laundry facility as part of a joint steam production project with SAACKE Group, a worldwide manufacturer of tailored boiler and process firing plants.

Meanwhile, the C65s will be installed at various manufacturing and oil and gas production sites throughout Germany.

According to the 2013 European Cogeneration Review for Germany, the German government has set itself a binding CHP target of 25% of total power production by 2020.

E-Quad Power Systems GmbH, Capstone’s German distributor, secured the orders, which will be rolled out over the next six months. Jim Crouse, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Capstone Turbine, said: ‘E-Quad has identified the growth patterns in Germany and capitalized on the rising adoption rate of CHP systems in key sectors.’