GE rows in behind innovative energy storage project

Viridor energy storage

General Electric (GE) is to work together with a UK company focusing on the development of a new energy storage technology that could greatly assist the prospects for more cost-effective renewable power.

GE (NYSE:à‚ GE) has signed a deal to license out the technology that promises to help balance supply and demand for grid operators.

Last month, Business Green reported that the UK government awarded à‚£8m funding to Highview Power Storage and Viridor Waste Management to pilot a new liquid air energy storage project that aims to store air in a liquid format, allowing it to then be harnessed to produce electricity when required.
Viridor energy storage
Highview has since confirmed that it has now also signed a deal with GE Oil and Gas, that will see it use a GE gas turbo-generator at the new Viridor landfill gas-to-energy plant, which is due to start operating this time next year.

As part of the global deal, GE and Highview will seek to collaborate on scaling up the energy storage technology globally.

“Highview’s readily available [liquid air energy storage] technology, with its ease of implementation and access to an operational pilot plant, makes it an ideal partner for GE Oil and Gas to provide fully integrated energy solutions to our customers,” said Luca Maria Rossi, product management general manager for GE Oil and Gas’ Turbomachinery Solutions business, in a statement.

With an increasing volume of intermittent renewable energy sources coming online from wind farms and solar power, energy storage is expected to play an increasingly important role in balancing supply and demand on the grid in the future, by collecting power when it is generated by clean energy sources and releasing it at times of peak demand.

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